Greenroom Marcher 3-way Bag Full-size three-way functional bag (2023 new season color)

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Greenroom is a local brand in Taiwan. Founded in 2011, Greenroom is committed to the design, development and production of ultra- lightweight handmade mountain props. It advocates that all production processes are arranged in Taiwan. From the selection of fabrics to the buckles, it is full of functional considerations and does not lose Beautiful and lightweight design.

In 2022, it was rated as Best New Gear by Carrylogy, a first-class equipment website in the United States.


  • 188g extremely light weight, Self-storage

  • A pack of three directions, oblique/back/shoulder, 4L>12L quick switching capacity

  • Three-dimensional multi-layer space, water bottles can be placed at the bottom of the bag, Plug-in equipment

  • Comfortable load 5kg , chest pocket/rear backpack/accessory bag/in-bag organizer/gym bag/climbing bag All OK!

  • Taiwan Design / Taiwan Custom Fabric / Taiwan Parts / M ade in Taiwan


/ M archer's unique design, high-standard materials, high expandability, and 100% MADE IN TAIWAN quality, Let you have one more equipment choice no matter what challenges you face in the future /

/ M The highly recognizable functional appearance of archer is suitable for traveling between the city and the outdoors. It is a high-performance equipment that can show your OUTDOOR soul at any time. /

/ M archer allows you not to worry about what bag to bring out. Thermos bottles, umbrellas, and windbreakers can all be easily stored. Walking, walking the dog, and walking the children can all be done in one bag /

Holding the love for the functional aesthetics of mountains, the M archer full-size three-way functional bag.
Ultra-lightweight, water-repellent fabric creates maximum possibility for three-way use in minimum bulk /

/ M archer uses inside and outside Three-dimensional version with wet and dry separation , with a multi-directional elastic rope, it perfectly solves the problem of carrying water bottles and umbrellas for you /

/ M archer front quick access bag, double sides diagonally open,
Quick and intuitive retrieval whether you're right-handed or left-handed  /

/ A hidden side cover is built into the pocket to prevent items from slipping out. Don't worry about leaving your eyes /

/ After loading the items, the bottom structure of the bag will be unfolded and can be placed upright /

/ The key details strengthen the sewing, Enhanced load durability /


/ High strength webbing + tear-resistant paracord, 60% lighter than conventional harnesses of the same length /

/ supply Triangular Tactical Strap, When in cross-body mode, it can prevent the bag from sliding down to the chest.When in the backpack mode, it can be used as a chest strap to make the shoulders more stable. Partial elastic elastic band design can be slightly stretched to maintain smooth breathing in the chest  /

/ Professional plug-in system: The elastic rope with double-loop structure can fix various small objects with diameters ranging from 1cm to 8cm. like 75% alcohol spray bottle Trekking poles GO PRO selfie stick /

/ Taiwan Specially made exclusive functional fabrics, Water-repellent, lightweight, stain-resistant, strength, feel
Study each layer of the fabric separately to match the most suitable exclusive specifications /

/ The Marcher can be detached for another versatile accessory.It can be hung on the main backpack or used as an in-bag equipment to organize the sorting bag /


How to change from pouch mode to backpack mode

1) Move the buckle on the strap to the center of the strap

2) The buckles on both sides move to the center to the position shown in the figure

3) Unfasten the buckles on both sides of the back zipper

4) Loosen the elastic cords on both sides of the bottom of the bag

5) Pull the bag body down

6) Fix the triangular hook on the top of the bag

7) Fix the S hooks at both ends of the strap on both sides of the bottom of the bag


【Introduction to the short film】


【Product information】

materials: Main pocket 210D Nylon, Stretch inner 70D Nylon, Ripstop Paracord, Aluminum, Tetoron, Pom

capacity: Switchable capacity, up to 12 liters (±10%)

Weight: 188g (±10%)

size: 27 x 22 x 5 cm / 27 x 38 x 5cm 

Origin: Taiwan