About 3Jack

3Jack Store Yamazumi small store

Hong Kong camping outdoor products shop, research and style camping equipment and outdoor clothing, bring you a humanized shopping experience , from time to time to share camping tips and camping supplies guide, hoping to improve guests' awareness and importance of the correct use of outdoor equipment :)

At the beginning, because the owner was not familiar with hiking camping, he bought the wrong pair of unsuitable hiking shoes during an alpine camping time, and as a result, the ligaments were injured, and since then I have understood that the most important thing in camping hiking is to cooperate with the function and comfort of the equipment, and safety is required recently!


【Origin of 3Jack】

3Jack is transliterated as "Shanji"

The two shopkeepers are playful, free-loving and unrestrained, just like Like "mountain accumulation", he travels and wanders everywhere. During the epidemic, we turned our energies to the top of the mountain to discover more and different places in Hong Kong.

In addition to enjoying myself, I also want to bring this interest to Hong Kong people and promote camping culture. I hope all guests can camp happily, remember that there is no trace in the mountains, be a virtuous camper, and protect our home well💛