About 3Jack


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3Jack aims to provide customers with an all-inclusive and highly interactive shopping experience for customers; we value your feedback and questions, and will assist to the best of our abilities.  3Jack scours many brands from around the world in hopes of creating a comprehensive catalogue of products and equipments in order to facilitate a wholesome and enjoyable outdoor experience for our customers. 

The conception of 3Jack was based on a rather unfortunate incident; the founders of 3Jack had always been energetic and playful, we'd often go head first into any adventure without the appropriate preparation or planning, as long as it sounded like good fun (WE DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS). And as a result one of the founders ended up severly injuring her ankle during a hiking trip without the right gear. From this incident, it made us realize the importance of having suitable gear for all adventures and excursions. We hope 3Jack will become a platform for all to acquir the gear they would ever need to embark on these journeys!


【Origin of 3Jack】

3Jack is a play on words (in cantonese) and its a bit too difficult for me to explain without writing an entire essay on it but hey just know that we try our best to provide you with the best gear for your adventures! :)

The founders of 3Jack are a pair of fun-loving travellers, going on trips to absolutely anywhere whenever possible. With the onset of the COVID pandemic and its restrictions they decided to devote more of their time to exploring Hong Kong and its beauties.

We hope that we can inspire more people to enjoy the great outdoors but also keeping the wellbeing of mother nature in mind. Remember to live no trace and to explore with a conscience. Earth is our only home and we should treasure and care for her💛