Member Jack Point Reward

【Jack points reward plan is officially launched】

In order to thank everyone for your support to 3Jack Store, we decided to set up a membership reward program. Customers can save Jack points while spending. If you buy them yourself, you can ask your friends to buy them together. Buy them all to earn Jack points, so that more friends can get to know each other. In addition to 3Jack Store, you can also give back to a group of regular customers😁

Friends who want to save Jack points first remember to Register as a member of our 3Jack , you can successfully save points through the following methods!There are several ways to save points in this Jack Points Reward Program🤑

1)💰 Save Jack points with consumption

  • 3Jack members can redeem 1 Jack point for every spent ☑️

2)👬 Member Referral Self-Fostering Program

  • New friends can get a discount code by registering with the referral code exclusive to old members💶
  • After the new member successfully registers and consumes, the old member can get 100 Jack points ☑️

3)🎂 Member birthday wishes

  • Members can get 100 Jack points in their birthday month ☑️

How to use Jack points?

  • Stored Jack points can be directly exchanged for member shopping credit.
  • 100 Jack points can be exchanged for a cash coupon, which can be used on your next purchase 🤝
  • There is no minimum spending limit for shopping credits redeemed with Jack points (👏)

Valid for 3 months, please use within the period ☑️

[Note ⚠️]

As long as you have registered as a member on our 3Jack Store website, and have spent as a member during the store opening and the website has your order records, all Jack points generated from old orders have been added to your member account 😉

The earned Jack points will be recalculated after one year, remember to redeem the Jack points earned this year☺️

If you have customers who have purchased our products through channels other than the website, and you want to become a member and add Jack points back, please register as a member on the website and contact us on Whatsapp to show the previous consumption record. It can help you adjust the old Jack into the member account 😁