Greenroom Poketto Full Pocket Bag

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Greenroom is a local brand in Taiwan. Founded in 2011, Greenroom is committed to the design, development and production of ultra-lightweight handmade mountain props. It advocates that all production processes are arranged in Taiwan. From the selection of fabrics to the buckles, it is full of functional considerations and does not lose Beautiful and lightweight design.


  • There is an independent mobile phone interlayer outside the pocket bag

  • Increase capacity by 30% in one second, can be put into various kettles and cups

  • Three-dimensional large space 3.4oz mesh bag

  • Air Cord multi-directionalquick buckle system,With 16 hanging points, it can be installed with a variety of equipment

  • CNC6061 aluminum alloy quick buckle

  • Special specification 3 Layer functional fabric, waterproof coefficient 2000mmH2O, anti-fouling and easy to clean

  • Taiwan design / Taiwan custom fabric / Taiwan parts / Taiwan manufacturing

Basic accessories:

Pocket bag body x 1

AERO MESH breathable strap x 1

AIR CORD quick buckle x 3

Greenroom Poketto 全型口袋包

/ Poketto has an independent compartment for mobile phones at the back, which effectively distinguishes mobile phones from other belongings, making it easier to pick and place them.Mobile phones with large screens, such as the iPhone Pro Max series, can be completely put down with the casing installed /

/ AERO MESH breathable breathable strap, cool and light but not stuffy, with a fine mesh fabric with stiffness, to achieve a perfect balance between breathability, comfort, and weight /

/ A separate elastic back panel is designed in the interlayer of the mobile phone, which is more convenient to have moderate support when picking up things.If you don’t like the hard feel of the bag body, you can also take out the back panel /

/ The soft bag body has a high degree of storage freedom, and the stiff bag body provides better support when operating with one hand /

/ Pocket bags can meet various water bottle storage needs,Flexible change switching capacity, increase by 30% in one second /

/ The design of the stretchable elastic rope at the mouth of the bag effectively fixes the mouth of the bottle and reduces the shaking during travel/

/ Super large three-dimensional space mesh bag design, the mesh bag of Poketto is a 3D three-dimensional version.When there are few things, the appearance is elegant and streamlined, and the storage space can be greatly extended in response to various sudden needs /

/ Double-layer elastic belt is used inside the pocket to enhance the feel and durability /

Greenroom Poketto 全型口袋包

Greenroom Poketto 全型口袋包

/ Through the AIR CORD quick buckle system, with 16 hanging points, it can be fixed horizontally and vertically. Install Poketto on the backpack, and immediately upgrade the more convenient fast storage function /

Greenroom Poketto 全型口袋包

Please note:
There must be webbing or loops on your backpack straps to be able to attach to the AIR CORD.

Greenroom Poketto 全型口袋包

Greenroom Poketto 全型口袋包

Greenroom Poketto 全型口袋包

Greenroom Poketto 全型口袋包

/ In addition to horizontal left and right fixation, it can also be fixed vertically up and down /

Greenroom Poketto 全型口袋包

Greenroom Poketto 全型口袋包

/TaiwanSpecially made Poketto functional fabric, water repellent, light weight, stain resistance, strength, feel
Study each layer of the fabric separately to match the exclusive specifications that are most suitable for Poketto /

Greenroom Poketto 全型口袋包




【Product Information】

materials:Main pocket 210D Nylon, Stretch Inner 70D Nylon, Rip Resistant Paracord, Aluminum Alloy, Tetoron, Pom

Weight: 96g(±10%)

Dimensions:20 x 15 x 3 cm

Fully open dimensions:35 x 15 x 3cm

Origin: Taiwan