OneTigris Cosmitto Backpacking Self-supporting Outdoor Tent

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【product description】

Because all the camps that OneTigris went out before were all one camps, many friends wanted a camp with internal and external accounts! This time I'm here for everyone!

Because tents with inner and outer tents can form a separate space between the inner and outer tents, the air can be convectively circulated.

Moreover, there is a small and intimate door stopper design on the top of the camp, which can hold up the top by itself to make a small window.

When it's hot in the summer when camping and teaching, while retaining privacy, it can effectively reduce the problem of back tide 🌬


This one belongs to the three-season camp, and it is very suitable for 1-2 people to use in summer!

It is very compact when stored, and you can see how small it is when you look at the photo, and it is easy to carry when camping and hiking!

Self-supporting is also very easy to set up, which is good for general camping novice 👍🏻

Like ordinary self-supporting camps, there are entrances and exits on both sides~

The waterproof pressure of the camp body is also up to 2000mm. Basic rainfall is supported, It is not recommended to use in heavy rain!

There are also two side storage net bags in the camp with the camp lamp hanging position ~ convenient for campers to store personal items!


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【Product information】

OneTigris Cosmitto Free Standing Outdoor Tent

Dimensions: 220cm(L) x 130cm(W) x 110cm(H)

Storage size: 50 x 16 cm

Waterproof coefficient: 2000mm

Weight: 2.3kg 

Color: Khaki


    Outer Ledger - 20D Polyester Ripstop 

    Inner Tent - 40D Nylon

    Base - 75D Nylon

    Barracks - 7001 Aluminum Alloy 

    Zipper - YKK ® snag-free double zipper

made in China

Comes with 1 tent (inner tent + outer tent + aluminum alloy tent), 4 wind ropes, 10 tent nails, 1 storage bag