OneTigris TETRA Ultralight Tent Ultra Lightweight Pyramid Tent

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【product description】

OneTigris 2022 new three seasons with a brand new comeback, and developed two versions to choose from!

After the improvement, the weight is greatly reduced, Suitable for UL camping and walking camp use, can accommodate 1-2 people, very light and convenient.

Camp body adopts 2 0D waterproof silicone nylon material, high durability,

The waterproof pressure has also increased to 3000mm, which is extremely waterproof and can withstand severe wind and rain!  


1) Larger space in the camp: The size of the whole camp is longer and taller than before, the space in the camp is greatly increased, and there is more room for stretching and more comfort in the camp

2) Eliminate condensed water design : The 3D ventilation design at the bottom and the ventilation holes on the top of the camp increase the air permeability in the camp. To avoid the problem of anti-moisture, It also effectively extends the space in the camp

3) Front hall extension + pyramid design: A variety of building methods, can support the front The eaves are used for the front hall, and its asymmetrical pyramid shape effectively protects it from strong winds. It is very beautiful to build in the wild!

4) Two versions can be selected (with internal account/with internal account)

Issue 130 —— Only the outer tent, excluding the inner tent (height 130cm | weight 1.1kg)

Issue 160 ——  Integrated inner and outer tent design, the inner tent cannot be removed (Height 160cm| Weight 1.8kg )


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【Product information】

Edition 130 (outside account only)

Capacity: 2 people

Color: Urban Grey

Weight: 1.1kg (Issue 130)

Use size: 227(D) x 220(S) x 130(H) cm

Storage size: 40 x 15 cm

external account Material: 20D Silicon/Pu-coated Nylon

Water pressure resistance: 3000mm

made in China

Included: outer tent x 1, camp nail x 12, 2.5m wind rope x 4, storage bag x 1 (excluding camp pole)


Edition 160 (integrated inner and outer tent design)

Capacity: 2 people

Color: Urban Grey

Weight: 1.8kg (Issue 160)

Use size: 240(D) x 220(S) x 160(H) cm

Storage size: 44 x 16 cm

external accountMaterial: 20D Silicon/Pu-coated Nylon

Internal account material: Nylon Mesh

Water pressure resistance: 3000mm

made in China

Included: tent body x 1, camp nail x 12, 2.5m wind rope x 4, storage bag x 1, camp pole x 1