[New] OneTigris Outback Retreat Upgraded Outdoor Camping Tent (With Camp Pole)

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【product description】

Before Black Orca 2.0, many friends would ask questions about ventilation and storage space in the camp.

This upgraded version of the Outback Retreat tent is designed with ventilation on all sides.

There are waterproof and windproof eaves on both sides that can pull up the current rear hall,

In summer, it is very breathable after using it, and it is surrounded by trees on all sides. !

The sense of space is greatly increased in a camp, and the sides are extended on both sides, and it can be used as a storage position to put rucksacks and other belongings!

Completely make up for the shortcomings of Black Orca2.0!


A camper once said that when you hook the pole in the set camp, it is easy to pull it apart, and the line will fly out~

This time Outback Retreat will reinforce the wire position, even if you tighten it, it will not be easy to rot~

The waterproof pressure also reaches 1500mm, Basic waterproof function is no problem;

Each door and window is equipped with a mosquito net door designed with YKK double zipper,

There is a small threshold near the ground, and when there are no foreign objects and insects, it is easy to enter the camp!

The set Outback Retreat tent has four camp poles embedded in it, and I'm going out to match it~


[New Outback Retreat Camp to be launched in November 2021]

The new tent has fully adopted the new fabric style, the camp material has changed from 70D Nylon to 50D Nylon,

The material is lighter and more wrinkle-resistant.And the appearance is not much different 🙌


*Note: This camp can be used with the official camp base, which can be purchased together in our store

In addition, it can also be used together with the OneTigris outdoor storage hanging rope, which is more convenient for storage!


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【Product information】

OneTigris Outback Retreat營

Dimensions: 375cm(L) x 135cm(W) x 125cm(H)

Storage size: 58cm x 20cm x 20cm

Weight: 3.67kg

Color: Khaki

Material: 50 D nylon

made in China

Comes with 1 tent, 6 wind ropes, 12 camp nails, 4 camp poles, 1 storage bag


OneTigris Camp Pole x4 (Split)

Length: 125cm

Diameter: 18mm

Weight: 988g

Material: 7075 aluminum alloy