Montbell Wickron Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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【product description】

Wickron is a fabric patented by Montbell. It has the texture of pure cotton, but it has a stronger perspiration effect than pure cotton. It is also highly breathable and can quickly dissipate heat. Function, a must for friends who are hiking and camping!There are ten colors to choose from~


【Product information】

Fabric: Wickron (100% Polyester)
Weight: 187g
顏色: Black, Brick, Dark Mallard, Dark Navy, Garnet, Gunmetal Heather, Heather Charcoal, Khaki Green, Royal Blue, Smoke Blue, Shadow
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, M-R, M-W, L-R, L-W, U/S, U/M, U/L, U/XL