nCamp Lightweight Multipurpose Outdoor Camping Stove Set (Barbecue Stove/Fire Bench)

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【product description】  

nCamp is an emerging camping outdoor brand in the United States, which mainly sells picnic supplies for mountain campers.

Therefore, in addition to the unique design of the left product, which is good for game, it is very versatile and easy to store.

In addition to the versatility of this stove, it can be used for cook ing with firewood/solid fuel, and it can also be used as a fire station.

It won't tidy up the ground, and take care of our natural environment🌎

If you find it troublesome and don't want to play with firewood, you can directly use the included adapter to connect to the alpine gas stove, and you can add a buried side stove converter to connect the side stove gas, and you have it!

To mention everyone, due to the material of the furnace body, although the heat transfer is faster, it is easier to burn black. If you mind friends, I do not recommend using it⚠️



1) Barbecue directly with firewood

2) Cook with solid fuel

3) Supplied Alpine Gas Converter cook

4) Can be matched with nCamp side furnace gas convertercook

5) Use an alcohol stove


P.S Due to the relationship between the production materials, it is normal for the furnace body to have slight scratches and will not affect the use.

(Those who mind please consider carefully)


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【Product information】

2-in-1 set with storage bag : wood stove + alpine gas adapter (900g)

3 in 1 suit with storage bag: Wood Stove + Alpine Gas Adapter + Side Stove Adapter (1036g)


climbing stove

Weight: 830g

Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Cleaning method: After use, please cool the burner first and then remove the ashes; hand wash with liquid soap 

Storage size: 22.9cm x 16.5cm x 16.5cm

Use size:

22.9cm x 16.5cm x 3.8cm


Alpine atmosphere converter

Weight: 70g

Tube length: 33cm

Height: 5cm


Side Stove Converter

Weight: 136g

Dimensions: 10cm x 7.5cm x 5cm