UNITO Aluminium Stan Tray aluminium table (Matte Beige - Stanley lunch box)

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【Product introduction】

UNITO is a brand from Thailand,

A series of standardized, high-quality tables are designed for various brands of storage boxes.

Originally, products with only storage functions, UNITO gave them greater practicality and more differentiated appearance!

Aluminium Tray's exclusive aluminum table panel simple design,

Aluminum The cutting and baking of the table board are meticulous, corresponding to the meticulous workmanship of the lunch box

In one two pieces, can be used separately and independently

After opening, you can place various coffee supplies, camping cooking tools,

Become a little cooking table!

Comes with a sackcloth storage bag and a pack of UNITO sticker set

Whether it's hiking, camping or picnics, you'll need this beautiful table with the Stanley lunch box

Every detail can make people feel the brand's care for its own products!

【Package Contents】

1. UNITO x Stanley lunch box 10QT Special table board two-piece set (sand) x1

2. Nylon storage bag x1

3. UNITO Factory Sticker Set x1

【Product information】

Material: Aluminum

Weight: Two pieces 250g

expand Size: 33x18cm

Storage size: 17x18x1cm

Origin: Thailand