Korea Top&Top Side Pocket Camping Platform Special Storage Side Mesh Bag

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【product description】

The camping platform has to be very large, and if you want to make good use of all the space, you must be equipped with a special storage side mesh bag for the camping platform.

Top&Top side pocket can be fixed to the camping folding table with Velcro,

The mesh bag can store tableware, seasonings and other cooking utensils, which is convenient to free up surface space.


【Product information】

Size S

Material: Poly Mesh
Expanded Size : 28 x 17 cm
Weight: 35g
適用型號:Snowline Cube Backpacker Table, Snowline Cube Carbon Table L5, Snowline Cube Table M4, Snowline Cube Table L6, Top&Top ultralight fusion table

Size L

Material: Poly Mesh
Expanded size: 45 x 26 cm
Weight: 188 g
Applicable models: Snowline Cube Family Table M3, Snowline Cube Family Table L6, Top&Top fusion table


Origin: South Korea