Korea Top&Top Mess Tin Steaming Rack with Storage Bag

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【product description】

Top&Top has a series of Messitin accessories,

A full set of accessories can be stored in the mess tin,

Just a few items, a basic set of cookset functions, frying, steaming and baking are all done!


The steaming rack introduced this time is very popular, very convenient and practical.

This steaming rack fits perfectly into the mess tin,

Outdoor camping can lightly bring a small steamer!

Steamed dumplings, buns, and siu mai are all available!


Other Accessories:

Top&Top Mini Pan烤盤


*This product does not contain the Messitin body


【Product information】



Steaming rack 153 x 90 x 19 mm |

Storage bag 100 x 235 mm


Steaming rack 50g| Storage bag 30g

Material: stainless steel, cotton

Origin: South Korea




Steaming rack 194 x 123 x 20 mm | 

Storage bag 200 x 310 mm


Steaming Rack 79g| Storage bag 36g

Material: stainless steel, cotton

Origin: South Korea