Korea Top&Top Lucir Mini Gas Lantern Mini Glass Alpine Gas Lamp

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【product description】

There are few atmosphere lights in the camping spots, and only the glass gas lights made in Korea are enough to attract the sun!

The lampshade is made of handmade glass, Streamlined whirlwind shape and texture with soft lighting, creating a retro and romantic feeling.

It is convenient to carry and full of beauty, and the bottom of the lampshade can be adjusted at will Control the amount of firepower.

Can be matched Top&Top高山氣罐皮套 It's more beautiful to use together :D


Note: Note that the switch position cannot adjust the fire power, and do not use the switch dial to adjust the fire power.


【Product information】

Dimensions: 55(L) x 51(W) x 135(H) mm
Weight: 116g
Fuel: 230g / 450g Alpine Gas
Gas consumption: 7g/h (7g mountain gas per hour)
Lighting method: lighter
Material: Aluminum, Brass, Glass, POLY
Gas control number: 17-24-032 (Korea gas safety inspection products)

Comes with one alpine gas lamp and one storage box