Therm-a-Rest NeoAir® Topo™ Inflatable Single Sleeping Pad

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【product description】

This mattress is unanimously rated as the top five most comfortable outdoor camping mattresses among the brands, for no reason~ 

Thermarest's NeoAir® Topo™ sleeping pad will Comfortable and warm + light weight carry + Lightweight storage + easy assembly  -- Four essentials for the best sleeping pad all in one.

Comfortable and warm: General sleeping pads are only about 6cm thick, NeoAir® Topo™ sleeping pads are 7.6cm thick, the inner layer of the sleeping pads is designed with WaveCore™, the single-layer horizontal wave-shaped thermal insulation layer is more effective to slow down heat loss , and will not increase the weight of the sleeping pad.The sleeping pad has an R Value of 2.3, suitable for use in three seasons~

light weightcarry: Although the body is thicker than ordinary sleeping pads, the weight is not lost at all, only 590g, Still keep it light~

Easy storage: The size of the storage box is similar to the 1L Nalgene water bottle, so it is really light and comfortable to keep warm~

Easy to assemble: The inflatable nozzle uses a high-efficiency WingLock valve, which has three times more air volume than ordinary nozzles, and inflates and deflates faster!

However, it is recommended that this sleeping pad is more suitable for use on flat ground, because the design of the sleeping pad is relatively simple and the texture of the buried fabric, if it is on a sloped mountain, it is more difficult to fix the body on the sleeping pad.

Contains an air bag, a storage bag and an emergency repair kit


【Video introduction】

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir® Topo™ Sleeping Mat

How to use WingLock Valve?


【Product information】 

Regular Wide

Weight: 850g

R Value: 2.3

Thickness: 7.6cm

Dimensions: 64cm x 196cm x 7.6cm

Storage size: 28cm x 15cm

Material: 50D Polyester Print (Surface), 50D Polyester (Bottom)