Japan Stream Trail Wahoo Long Diving Large Capacity Storage Bag (with Shockproof Bottom Mat)

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【product description】

The Japanese outdoor brand Stream Trail was established in 1997. In 2009, it launched a series of outdoor waterproof products, and developed a series of waterproof rucksacks with fashionable designs, which are different from the version of ordinary bucket waterproof bags.Its products are based on three principles: " Dry Comfort Explorer ", " Monsoon Quality ", "Unique Customization" is the basis for production!

Dry Comfort Explorer: Balance comfort and ease of use and waterproofness, maintain high-strength waterproofing performance, while maintaining ease of use as much as possible

Monsoon Quality: Stream Trail products are manufactured and developed in Thailand, and are tested in subtropical climate regions. Extremely suitable for use in hot and humid environments, strong storms, and long-term rainy seasons

Unique Customization: You can choose and design your own storage bag according to your own preferences. In addition to changing colors, you can also freely choose different accessories, add inner bags and other options

A must for summer outdoor activities, suitable for beach / diving / water activities / SUP / rowing boats!


Stream Trail Wahoo Waterproof Dive Storage Bag

  • Suitable for outdoor/diving , can accommodate larger equipment such as fins, goggles, tripods, fishing rods, etc.
  • The fabric is made of Tarpaulin synthetic resin fiber, which is also highly waterproof, tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant in harsh conditions
  • There are large and small zippered transparent inner pockets. Convenient to store small items
  • It can also be used as a backpack / diagonal bag
  • damping Bottom pad can be Protect the contents of the bag and prevent collisions; it can also support the bottom, and the backpack will not fall over when standing


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【Product information】

Stream Trail Wahoo Long Diving Large Storage Bag

Dimensions: 100(W) x 19(D) x 24(H)cm

Material: Tarpaulin (bag)| Polyester (base pad)