Japan Stream Trail Tank Inner Bag B rucksack inner bag

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【product description】

This product can be used with Dry Tank/Hopper series backpacks

  • Devil sticker design, more convenient to paste
  • 3 storage compartments for easy storage and use
  • D-ring accessory lanyard can hang ornaments. Keys
  • Upper storage bag with zipper design at the mouth of the bag for stronger protection
  • The back panel is designed with a plastic hard shell, which is more protected and prevents items from being squeezed and deformed by external forces.
  • Can be used with DRY TANK D2 / HOPPER rucksack (can be pasted)

*Please note that the inner bag only has a fixed color, please refer to the following information column for details


【Product information】

Tank Inner Bag B (Velcro)

Dimensions: 26.5(W) x 3(D) x 20(H)cm

Material: Nylon

Color: black with yellow edge