Japan Stream Trail Bivalve Pouch rucksack external storage bag

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【product description】

This product can be used with Dry Tank series and various backpacks

    • Devil sticker design, more convenient to paste
    • Two-layer storage interlayer, convenient for storing mobile phones
    • D-ring accessory lanyard can hang ornaments. Keys
    • Zippered pocket design for greater protection
    • Used to place personal items, such as sunglasses, mobile phones, wallets, etc., for easier access
    • Cushion Pad inside for protection
    • The measured size can be placed in a 6.7'' mobile phone (iPhone 14Pro)


【Product information】

Stream Trail Bivalve Pouch

Material: Nylon

Dimensions: W10 x H18 x D5cm

Color: Sand/Oynx/OD