Stanley Adventure Cold For Days Outdoor Cooler 30QT 冰箱保温箱

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【Product introduction】

Classic thermos brand with a history of more than 100 yearsStanley,

Stanley super cold insulation 30QT refrigerator incubator, both functionality and design!

  • Double insulation/cold insulation layer to lock temperature more effectively
  • Large capacity refrigerator, can put 40 cans of soda
  • The bottom is provided with a drainage level to drain the dissolved ice
  • High cooling capacity Four heavens , High-table use
  • With a door lock to lock the refrigerator to prevent the food inside from tipping over
  • Capacity up to 28L, suitable for family camping and dinner


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【Product Information】

Capacity: 28.3L

Use size: 471H x 397W x 540L mm

Color: Green

Weight: 6070g