SOTO ST-AS310DY Regulator Stove 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Sand Color Spider Stove

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【product description】

Hong Kong's most popular camping stove brand SOTO's classic spider stove ST-310, a must-have cooking stove when camping with friends!

Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of SOTO, a sand color special edition is launched, and it is now on sale in limited quantities!

    • Japanese patented fire regulator, cooking for a long time, the fire is not affected by low temperature
    • Stable fire supply in a temperature environment of 5°C-25°C, and the firepower will not be affected by the low temperature of the weather
    • Three-legged non-slip design for safe use
    • Can use pots with a diameter of 19cm
    • Comes with an ignition aid, stove storage bag and sand-colored non-slip feet, light and portable, easy to store


【Product information】

Use size: 166 x 142 x 110mm

Storage size: 140 x 70 x 110mm

Weight: 350g

Thermal power: 2500kcal/h

Origin: Japan

attached ignition aid, Stove storage bag and sand color non-slip feet