SOTO ST-952 Minimal Hot Sandwich Maker Folding Sandwich Maker (2022 New Product)

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【product description】

SOTO's new ST-952 folding sandwich maker has been improved to a lighter version,

The new handle also adopts a foldable design for better storage and more convenient and easy to take outdoors.

The surface of the pan is made of PTFE material with non-stick coating, and the surprise design is that the sandwich maker can be used as a frying pan.

It can effectively prevent oil pollution, and it can also reduce the camping equipment that you bring to the outdoors!

The improved part also expands the contact area, and it will not slip off when placed on the furnace.

When fully opened, the handle can touch the countertop to maintain balance and improve the situation of unstable use.


【Product information】

Use dimensions (open):  136(W) x 310(D) x 36(H)mm
Storage size: 136(W) x 173(D) x 42(H)mm
Material: die-cast aluminum, stainless steel, fluorine coating
Weight: 600g

Origin: Japan