SOTO ST-340 Regulator Stove Range Spider Stove (2022 new version)

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【product description】

The new ST-340 Range spider stove is an advanced version of the ST-310, except for retaining the original Japanese patented fire regulator,

At low temperature environment can still Stable fire supply, more Solved the ST-310's smaller diameter and over-concentrated firepower.

The new version is more convenient for larger cooking pots to cook, At the same time, there will be no problem of uneven heating.

In addition, the new ST-340 will have ST-3104 accessories built into the ignition position [ Auxiliary ignition handle],

Easier to ignite than the original round switch.


【Product information】

Use size: 166(W) x 142(D) x 110(H)mm
Storage size: 140(W) x 70(D) x 110(H)mm
Material: burner (stainless steel) | igniter (plastic, stainless steel)
Weight: 360g
Outlet diameter: 66mm
Firepower: 2.8 kW/h
Time per use: 1.5 hours
Origin: Japan