SOTO ST-320 G-Stove Box Stove

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【product description】

🔻 Storage size thickness is only 2.5cm ⁣

🔻New shape design, high performance and lightweight realization

🔻V-shaped partitions on both sides of the burner, Both windproof and thermal insulation functions⁣

🔻Delivery stove storage bag, light and convenient to carry⁣

🔻Max fire power up to 2,100kW

🔻It is very convenient to use side stove gas


【Product information】

Material: Stainless Steel

Use size: 15.3 × 19.5 × 7.7cm⁣

Storage size: 14.2 x 7.8 x 2.5cm⁣

Fire output: 1,800kcal/h⁣

Weight: 380g⁣

Origin: Japan⁣