SOTO ST-3100 Minimal Grill Mini Grill Plate (2022 New Product)

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【product description】

SOTO released new accessories for ST-3107 Minimal Worktop last year~

Just the ST-3100 Minimal Grill!

When SOTO invented Minimal Worktop,

The original intention was to allow users to use a flat-panel barbecue, but found that SOTO's original barbecue plate has several drawbacks.

So there will be a new product launched in 2022 to solve the above shortcomings ✅


1. The tablet is not fixed and unstable when in use

  • The new ST-3100 is equipped with a mounting base to secure the grill plate over a compatible Minimal Worktop

2. Generally use black iron plate, it is difficult to control the fire temperature

  • ST-3100 uses specially treated cast iron to increase thermal conductivity, and heat transfer is fast and uniform

3. The original smooth surface is easy to be confused

  • ST-3100 uses specially treated striped fabric, easy to clean and not sticky to pans
  • Can be cleaned with a scouring pad, it is not easy to abrade the surface


【Product information】

Use size (with fixed base):  150 x 140 x 55mm
Storage size:   150 x 135 x 8mm
Material: cast iron, stainless steel
Weight: 1100g (grill plate) + 12g (fixed base)

Origin: Japan