SOTO SOD-530 Titanium Pot 750 Titanium Pot (New 2023)

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【product description】

SOTO has always been famous for producing high-quality stoves,

In 2023, many new lightweight titanium cookware will be released!

The capacities are 750 and 1100ml respectively,

Amazing lightweight design (with heat-insulated aluminum handle + top cover) only weighs 95g , thickness 0.05mm

The 750ml titanium pot is a vertical design, which can be put into the entire alpine gas tank, Insulated aluminum handle and top furnace

Compatible with SOD-520 ThermoStack cup set

Suitable for lightweight camping use! 


【Product information】

SOTO SOD-530 Titanium Pot 750 Titanium Pot


  • Body|Titanium
  • Top cover| Titanium
  • Aluminum handle|Aluminum alloy, stainless steel


  • Body|φ101 x 120(H)mm
  • Top cover| φ101 x 5.3(H)mm
  • Aluminum handle|29 x 108 x 68mm

gross weight: 95g

  • Body|60g
  • Top cover|15g
  • Aluminum handle|20g

Capacity: 750ml

Origin: Japan