SOTO Limited Edition SOD-331S Fusion Trek Set Stove with Navigator Cookset

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【product description】

SOTO is available in limited quantities Play Fusion Trek Set set,

You can buy a full cookset for the price of a Fusion Trek!

The set includes a SOD-331 Fusion Trek (U.P. 9),

and a set of Natvigator cooker [without large pot] (original price 9)


The Fusion Trek is SOTO's split-windproof three-legged alpine gas stove.

  • The mortar-shaped burner head is used for windproof function
  • The fire is stable when the fuel is insufficient for low-temperature cooking, and can be used for mountaineering, camping, and alpine camping
  • Split design, ignition switch far from the ignition source, so there is no need to worry about burns


SOTO Navigator Cookset combines nine accessories into one set,

In addition to convenient storage, it is more in line with the needs of outdoor cooking,

One of the very popular products of SOTO✨

  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • The pot body is treated with hard anodizing, which improves the hardness and is not easy to oxidize
  • Erosion resistance, abrasion resistance, thermal insulation effect
  • Comes with multifunctional cooking utensils
  • How to use the multi-purpose lid


Cookset includes:

  • small pot   × 1
  • small pot lid  ×1
  • Small pot insulation storage bag  ×1
  • Insulation plate  ×1
  • pot clip  ×1
  • Pot clip net storage bag  ×1
  • ----------------------

    【Product information】

    SOD-331 Fusion Trek

    Weight: 182g

    Material: stove - stainless steel | igniter - plastic, stainless steel

    Duration: 250g gas tank can burn about 1.5 hrs

    Firepower: 2800 kcal/h

    Unfolded dimensions: 43cm x 14cm x 10cm

    Storage size: 11cm x 6cm x 10cm


    SOD-501 Navigator Cookset [No large pot included]

    Weight: 260g

    capacity: 1,300ml


  • Small pot: 16 × 7.3cm
  • Small pot lid: 15.6 × 1.3cm
  • Pot clip: 12.3 × 5.2 × 2.4cm
  • Storage size: 19 × 9.2cm


  • Small pot body: Aluminum
  • Small pot lid: resin
  • Small pot insulation storage bag: aluminum, nylon
  • Insulation plate: aluminum, resin
  • Pot clips: aluminum
  • Pot clip storage bag: cotton