SOTO SOD-260 Hinoto gas lamp with storage box set

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【product description】

The 2022 new SOD-260 gas lamp is sold in limited quantities this year. The Hinoto is a top-notch atmosphere lamp with a light and compact size.

Suitable for various occasions, the brightness and switch of the light source can be easily adjusted,

It is good to put it in the house or go camping. It also comes with a hard storage box to avoid damage due to collisions!

There are two ways to use this gas lamp:

1) The bottom body of the gas lamp is inflated with side furnace gas/mountain gas and used alone with the gas lamp
2) The gas lamp can be directly connected to the alpine gas tank for use

*Product does not include alpine gas tank


【Product Information】

SOTO SOD-260 Himoto Light

Materials:Aluminum, Brass, Glass, Resin

Dimensions: 38 × 38 × 156mm

Weight: 237g

Origin: Japan


hard storage box

EVA resin, polystyrene resin

Size: 60 × 55 × 220mm

Weight: 80g

Origin: China