【2023 New Product Preorder】SOTO SOD-2604 Hinoto Ornament Gas Lamp Shade

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【product description】

Soto's popular product Hinoto gas lamp finally released accessories,

This year 2023 new SOD-2604 gas light lampshade debut,

The lampshade is made of stainless steel for high heat resistance and durability

Can be easily applied to any Hinoto gas lamp.


Lightweight design weighs only 1g, thickness 0.05mm

There are three patterned lampshades full of Japanese characteristics,

Dotted with gas lamps without adding unnecessary weight,

Friends who bought the Hinoto Gas Lamp must not miss it!


【Product information】

SOTO SOD-2604 Hinoto Ornament Gas Lamp Shade

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 96(W) × 61(H) × 0.05(T)cm

Weight: 1g

Origin: Japan