【2023 New Product Preorder】SOTO ST-487 Pocket Torch Extended Portable Telescopic Firearm

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【product description】

Based on the existing ST-480C 2023 Improved ST-487 Pocket Torch Extended,

Greatly improved portability and operability!


1) The design of the improved ST-487 is narrower and longer, and the original iron chain is removed, which is more convenient to carry and use

2) The redesigned and easier-to-use sliding ignition button is more in line with hand operation, and it is also equipped with a safety lock design to prevent accidental ignition

3) Change the air inlet position to a place far from the bullet hole to improve the problem that the air inlet hole is blocked by dust

4) The inclined bottom shape of the host is convenient for people with small hands

5) Enlarging the wind rope hole at the bottom, which is more convenient for hanging and collecting


Thin, but with the firepower of a musket, the concentrated flame temperature is as high as 1300℃!

It is extremely convenient for camping to take a canal to make a fire/start a campfire.

The side furnace gas can be used for direct charging, and the alpine gas can be directly charged by adding a rotor SOD-450

If you want the gas to be stable, it is recommended to use lighter gas (available at hardware stores)


【Product information】

size: 40 x 17 x 117-185 mm (retractable)

Weight: 57g

Flame temperature: 1300℃

Ignition method: piezoelectric ignition method

Origin: Japan

*Do not use continuously for more than 1 minute. Burns or equipment damage may result.