SOTO OD-1RXN WindMaster Stove w/ 4 Flex Windproof Climbing Stove with Tripod

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【product description】

SOTO WindMaster Stove is a must-have for alpine camping in bad weather, with a lightweight and super wind-resistant design,

Resist high mountain pressure and low temperature, Maintain steady firepower output!

This furnace has also won Gearlab's Editors' Choice 2021, Recommended!

🔻Super power, up to 3.3kW

🔻 Fuel consumption 200g/h

🔻Hidden automatic ignition system, impact resistant and not easy to damage

🔻Bowl-shaped burner to improve wind resistance


【Product information】

materials: Stainless Steel / Aluminum Alloy / Brass

Deployment size: 14.4  × 10cm

Storage size: 4.7 x 4.4 x 7.7cm

Fire output: 2 800 kcal/h 

Weight: 67g⁣ (without tripod)|80g ( with tripod)

Use time: 250g alpine gas can burn for about 1.5 hours

Origin: Japan⁣