SOTO Micro Torch Active ST-486 Portable Gun

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【product description】

The soto mini musket is a super hit, it is about the super light type of Qu Zhen.

It's only half the size of the palm of your hand, so it feels like a few miniatures!

Although it is thin, it has the firepower of a musket, and the temperature of the concentrated flame is as high as 1300 ℃!

It is extremely convenient for camping to take a canal to make a fire/start a campfire.


【Product information】

Dimensions: 50mm x 19mm x 90mm
Weight: 45g
Air consumption: 7g/h 
Air volume: 1.2g 
Calorific value: 0.09kW(80kcal/h)
Nozzle diameter: 14mm
Flame temperature: 1300℃
Ignition method: piezoelectric ignition method
Do not use continuously for more than 20 seconds. Burns or equipment damage may result.