Snowline Cube Table Hanger Outdoor Camping Table Hanger

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【product description】

The camping platform has to be very large, and if you want to make good use of all the space, you must be equipped with a special rack for Snowline camping platform.

This rack is compatible with Snowline C ube series camping benches and can be placed in the camping bench storage bag together.

It can also be overlapped and spliced, and can be used to place tableware, pots and other cooking utensils, which is convenient for freeing up surface space.


Compatible camping bench combinations with this rack:

Snowline Cube Carbon Table L5 輕量碳纖桿露營檯

Snowline Cube Backpacker Table 輕量碳纖桿露營檯


【Product information】

Material: Aluminium
Expanded size: 35 x 32 cm
Weight: 130 g
Applicable models: Cube Carbon Table L5, Cube Backpacker Table, C ube Expandable Table M3,  Cube Expandable Table  M4,  Cube Expandable Table  L6, Cube Cable Table M3

Origin: South Korea