Sea To Summit Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Mat

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【product description】

Sea to Summit is known for its excellent sleep system equipment. The UltraLight series is designed with an ultra-light sleeping pad, with a thickness of 5cm and a weight of 480g to achieve a balance between the two elements of lightness and comfort, which is very suitable for people who prefer to sleep on their side.

  • TPU antibacterial coating is used in the pad to prevent mildew in the sleeping pad, and it is used with Airstream Pumpsack to effectively prolong the life of the sleeping pad
  • TPU lamination technology adds TPU coating to the compression layer to make the fabric more durable and stronger, far better than the problem that the surface of the traditional sleeping pad structure often falls off
  • Air Sprung Cell ™ Patented independent air cylinder structure, creating a thicker isolation layer, and sleeping on the side will not touch the ground
  • The patented multi-function inflation valve can easily adjust the inflation saturation. When the double gate is opened, it can quickly inflate and deflate
  • The surface is made of Exkin Platinum® lightweight non-woven fabric, plus a thin layer of metal material, which can reflect the heat energy lost by the human body


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【Product information】


materials: 40D rip-stop Nylon

Number of airbags: 181

Weight: 480g

Use size: 183cm(L) × 55cm(W) × 5cm (Thickness)

Storage size: ø 12.5cm x  24cm(H) 

R-VALUE: 3.1