Ribitek Outdoor Camping Aluminum Lightweight Kitchenware Hanger (Height Adjustable)

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【product description

A must-have for camping deco~ This outdoor hanger is most correct because it comes with two small storage bags, so you can store all the pieces of tableware and cooking supplies. If you don’t wash it, the table will be messy, and the punch card is first-class!If it is a family / large camping, it is more necessary. Outdoor hanger, when the pot, pot, fork and fork are not enough, you need this hanger, which is useful and easy to see!

The aluminum alloy reinforced bracket makes the whole kitchen rack more stable and lighter, and the split design bracket can adjust the height of the rack to match the height of the camp!The stand with a diameter of 1.9cm is very stable, and it can carry a load of 10kg, so you won't be surprised if there is a little wind!


【Product information】

Weight: 980 grams

Material: aluminum alloy

Colour: Black

Size: 90 x 58 x 90 cm (large) /  90 x 58 x 61 cm (small)

Package size: 40.9 x 10.4 x 8 cm