Re:echo Dreammaker 10 Envelope Down Sleeping Bag

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【product description】

Dreammaker  Made of 650 Fill Power high-quality down, suitable for most of the camping seasons in Hong Kong, the sleeping bag uses its own research and development Easy-Pack System , There is a zipper bag at the tail of the sleeping bag, which can quickly fold the whole sleeping bag and store it in the bag. The envelope cut design increases the comfort of the sleeping bag and can be used as a double quilt and can be combined into a double/multi-person sleeping bag, and there are many color options to match your camping style.

main feature︰

1.  Envelope design reduces heat loss when cord is adjusted
2. Car wear design separates down to lightweight performance
3. Designed below the seat circumference Have more room for activities
4. Side zipper and foot zipper design, all zippers can be used as a duvet after opening.
5.  Can be combined into a double/multiple sleeping bag for use


【Product information】

Fabric structure: 30D 100% Nylon Taffeta

Down expansion coefficient: 650FP

Weight: 640g 

Storage size: ø 12cm x 25cm(H)

Use size: 188 (L ) x 79(W) cm   

Comfortable temperature: 20 degrees |  Minimum temperature: 10 degrees |  Extreme temperature: -5 degrees

Comes with sleeping bag and storage bag