Re:echo Phantom 18 degrees lightweight down sleeping bag

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【product description】

The Phantom 18-degree down sleeping bag is made of IDFL-certified European down with a bulk coefficient of 650FP, a down weight of 140g, and a sleeping bag weighing only 430g. It is especially suitable for camping beginners and mountaineering campers.

The inner structure adopts the car wearable design to separate the down and reduce the weight performance. With the flat hat design, it can reduce the heat loss of the head after adjusting the rope. The padded windproof channel beside the zipper also has the function of reducing heat loss. It has the function of the Reecho sleeping bag combination system , easily connects to other Reecho sleeping bags.


【Product information】

Fabric Construction: 100% 20D Nylon

Down expansion coefficient: 650FP

Down quantity: 140g

Weight: 430g 

Storage size: ø12cm x 21.5cm (height)

Use size: 190(L) x 78(W) cm

Comfort temperature: 23 degrees | Minimum temperature: 18 degrees | Limit temperature: 13 degrees

With sleeping bag and storage bag