Rapilock Epic Trekking Poles Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

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【product description】

Rapilock Epic carbon fiber trekking pole combined with multi-functional photography aids, a trekking pole that can go up and down the sea Photography tripod; selfie stick, tripod, climbing stick in hand!Has three modes of use: 1) trekking pole mode, 2) Selfie stick mode, 3) Monopod/tripod mode, providing more possibilities for hiking! Made of Taiwan-made carbon fiber lightweight material, providing high strength support, It also has a RapiLock quick-lock system, allowing space for quick conversion of action cameras/mobile phones, as well as a monopod shooting function!

- Suitable for hiking / trail running / camping / sports photography, suitable for those who like to take pictures while hiking

- Body made of Carbon fiber material

- Comes with metal camera snap / adapter ring

- TPR non-toxic environmentally friendly soft plastic grip

- Detachable/adjustable degree loop wrist strap

- High strength rod head with tungsten steel tip

- Comes with Grip Cover, Mud Block, Wand Tip Cover

- Made in Taiwan


This shop sells for Hong Kong licensed package one year maintenance


Length adjustment and matching

When holding a trekking pole, the elbow is at 90 degrees, it is recommended to match the recommended length:
Height (alpine pole scale)

  • <154 cm (100 cm)
  • 154-171 cm (110 cm)
  • 172-182 cm (120 cm)
  • 183 cm + (130 cm)

The above values are for reference only and need to be adjusted according to the actual situation


【Introduction to the short film】


【Product information】

Rod diameter: 18/16/14mm (for a three-section retractable rod)

Storage length: 66cm

Use length (the longest): 140cm

Main parts: grip, trekking pole, wrist strap, mud block

Main piece weight: 269g

Accessories: camera adapter ring, grip cover, pole tip cover