Swedish Primus Essential Trail Stove Classic Climbing Gas Stove

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【product description】

Swedish brand Primus Essential Trail Stove A classic mountain-climbing gas stove specially designed for long-distance hiking. Unlike ordinary stoves, the triangular stove not only has a larger placement area, but also has the function of blocking the wind and is also equipped with safety devices. A safe and stable stove.The shape is light and small, just enough to be stored in the pot, which is very convenient.

• No folding parts on the burner for ready availability
• wind protection bracket Designed to keep flames strong and stable in windy conditions
• Pot holders easily support pots of all sizes
• Laminar Flow Burner Technology™ provides a lower center of gravity for a more stable, lighter and more compact furnace
• Experience consistent cooking power at any temperature or altitude with a pressure regulator
• Swedish brand, made in Europe
• Excludes alpine atmosphere


【Product information】

Dimensions: 11 x 6 cm

Weight: 112g

Boiling water time (1L): 3m 30s

Applicable number of people: 1-4 people

Origin: Europe