Post General STACK IT Camping Storage Box

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【product description】

Post General 2022 new Stack It camping storage box, good storage of your camping equipment!

  • There are rollers at the bottom for easy movement
  • It can be folded for storage and overlapping use, and can stack up to three storage boxes, with a load-bearing capacity of 6kg
  • There are doors on all sides that can be opened, and objects can be taken out even when they are stacked
  • Suitable for Outdoor activities and home storage use


【Product information】

Material: Polypropylene| MDF (top plate)

Use size:  IN 50.5 x D36 x H29.5cm

Storage size: W50.5 x D36 x H8cm

Color: Sand Beige|Olive|Charcoal Gray

Weight: 2.6kg

Capacity: 45L (load 6kg)