Post General Cooler Bag 30L Lightweight Portable Cooler/Insulation Bag

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【product description】

Post General's new product in 2023 - 30L portable ice bag/insulated bag

What I want most when going camping in summer is to be able to drink cold drinks in the wild🧊

A large-capacity portable thermal bag can solve the needs of summer camping!

  • 30L large-capacity cold storage bag, foldable, weighing about 490g
  • The inner layer uses aluminum foil bubble cloth
  • It can be used to preserve beverage ingredients and keep fresh
  • Daily camping, picnic can also be used


1. The material of the thermal insulation bag is not waterproof, please do not directly prevent ice cubes from entering it.

2. Do not put it directly into the washing machine for machine washing and dry cleaning


【Product Information】

Materials: Nylon, polyester, Aluminum Evaporated Sheet


Weight: 490g

Capacity: 30L

Color: Black, Olive Brown