Poland Pajak Radical 1Z Sleeping Bag White Goose Down Lightweight Down Sleeping Bag

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【product description】

The lightweight sleeping bag launched by Polish down clothing brand Pajak is made of white goose down made in Poland. Polish down is one of the best down materials in the world, and it is one of the best insulation layers in the world; it has a high coefficient of expansion, no matter how twisted or compressed, it can return to its original form, and it is highly compressible, which can The carrying volume is greatly reduced, and the storage is super convenient.At the same time, there are exclusive patents and heat preservation technology that dominates low-temperature environments. Its light weight and high compression are the most popular among the public, and it can Balance light weight and warmth!

Before filling, Pajak down will be washed, dried at 90°C, and subjected to multiple processes such as dust removal, aseptic treatment, and removal of allergens.Only use down materials that respect animal rights and comply with EU regulations and standards. Each down product meets the highest quality certification. Pajak has passed and obtained the strict first-level certification of the international eco-textile label (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1), the first level is non-toxic textiles that infants and young children under 3 years old can use safely.

  • Small storage volume, light weight, high thermal insulation
  • Radical 1Z is suitable for Hong Kong weather
  • Made of high-quality Polish white goose down
  • Use the Z structure design - warm stitching design, because the stitching lines are not vertically connected, when the heat is lost, it can effectively avoid the generation of cold spots, which will be blocked by the structural design. Suitable for all seasons
  • High grade of 95: 5 down ratio
  • The zipper design on the middle side can be opened and closed quickly by both left and right hands, and it is not easy to bite the cloth. There is a Velcro felt protection sticker on the zipper
  • Use YKK zippers
  • There is a hanging ring at the end, which can be hung on the wall
  • Designed with a hanging loop inside for easy drying after use or washing


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【Product information】

materials:   900 FP Polish White Goose Down  

down filling amount (Fill Power): 900FP

Design structure: Z structure

Compressed volume: 2.2L

Fill weight: 220g

Weight: 440g

Comfort temperature: 5 degrees | Lower limit temperature: 0 degrees | Limit temperature: -15 degrees

Origin: Poland

Comes with sleeping bag, compression bag, storage bag