Taiwan Openjoynt tinplate black soul mosquito coil box

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【product description】  

- Made of authentic Taiwanese tinplate, guaranteed quality and light weight

-The surface is fog black powder paint, showing all black camping style

-The design can be hung as you want, you can hang it wherever you want

- The sling (camp rope) part is added with 3M reflective strips, which can also reflect a little at night.

-Iron ring with manganese phosphate surface treatment, not easy to rust and durable

-It can be used as a mosquito coil box outside, and can also be used as an incense box inside

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【Product information】

Contents: Black Soul Edition mosquito coil/incense box*1, hanging camp rope*1, assembled iron three-piece set (suspension ring, gasket, nut)

Size: 16 X 16 X 9 cm

Weight: 180g

Weight resistance: 0.5 kg with body

Product use: used to place ignited mosquito coils. Fragrance items

Assembly method: first insert the lifting ring screw and washer into the round hole of the box body, then tighten the nut from the lower side, and tie the camp rope to complete the assembly

How to use: Light the mosquito coil or incense and put it in the box, and then fasten the bottom cover.

Storage method: When not in use, please store in a dry place and out of reach of children

Origin: Taiwan


【Brand Story】

Taiwanese cultural and creative brand Openjoynt was founded in 2020. It is designed for local handmade hardware in Taiwan. With more than 40 years of experience in tools and outdoor products, it carefully selects a variety of Taiwan-made or Taiwan-designed cultural and creative hand tools and brands. The purpose is "Open, joint and enjoy your creative life", which means that we hope that our customers can enjoy the surprise of "opening" when they receive the products, and "joint" our products by themselves. , to create your own "enjoy".