OneTigris Scaena Backpacking Tent Self-supporting Outdoor Tent

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【product description】

OneTigris will release new products in 2022!This time, it is an upgraded version of the most popular style, Cosmitto! !

In addition to the greater sense of space and stronger waterproof function,

The weight of the tent is lighter than the Cosmitto, the storage volume is smaller, and the bottom of the embedded camp is only 2.42kg


The outer tent is designed to stretch more space on the top of the camp when building the tent, while retaining a small storage volume.

The outer account can also be used alone as a bushcraft canopy, The rear is hollowed out (note: the door cannot be closed with the outer tent),

The front and rear sides of the inner tent can be entered and exited, and two large mosquito net windows are attached to one side to enhance air circulation.

You can also unzip the windows from the inside to enjoy the outdoors!

This time, the waterproof pressure of the inner and outer tents of the camp has been upgraded to 3000mm.

The bottom of the camp is coated with silicone, which can be effectively waterproof in rain/moisture!

There are also two mesh pockets on both sides and the camp lamp hanging position in the camp, which is convenient for campers to store personal items.



1. Do not start a fire inside or under the tent.

2. Before setting, check that the ground is level, sharp objects can damage or pierce the tent.

3. To extend the shelf life, please dry the tent after using it in the rain, and store the tent in a cool, dry place.Do not use in extreme weather conditions and environments.


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【Product information】

OneTigris Scaena Backpacking Self-supporting Outdoor Tent

Dimensions: 210cm(L) x 125cm(W) x 115cm(H)

Storage size: 40 x 20 cm

Waterproof coefficient: 3000mm

Weight: 2.42kg 

Color: Coyote Brown


    Outer Ledger - 20D Polyester Ripstop Nylon

    Inner Tent - Rugged 40D Nylon

    營底 - Silicone-coated 40D Nylon 

    Barracks - 7001 Aluminum Alloy 

    Battalion Mat - Leather Tent Mat

    Zipper - YKK ® snag-free double zipper

made in China

Comes with 1 tent (inner tent + outer tent + aluminum alloy camp bones), 4 wind ropes, 10 camp nails, camp bottom mat, storage bag