OneTigris split camp pole

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【product description】

Made of 7075 aluminum alloy, strong and lightweight, it can be used to support tents or canopies

Easy-to-assemble button design for easy assembly and disassembly

Compatible models
OneTigris BLACK ORCA 2.0 Lightweight A-line Camp Tent

Can be used to install front eaves
OneTigris SOLO Homestead Large Camping Tent
OneTigris Outback Retreat Upgraded Outdoor Camping Tent 

Other compatible models
OneTigris TIPINOVA Pyramid Tent
OneTigris Tangram UL Double Lightweight Camping Tent


【Product information】

OneTigris Camp Pole x2 (split)

Length: 125cm/160cm

Storage size: 50 x 12cm

Diameter: 18mm

Weight: 565g / 670g

Material: 7075 aluminum alloy

Number of Sections: 3 Sections / 4 Sections

Comes with a storage bag