[2023 All Black Series] OneTigris Cometa Camping Tent Two-person tunnel cabin

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【product description】

OneTigris 2023 new all-black series, in addition to changing the previous sand color style,

The fabric and functionality are all upgraded, more beautiful and stronger! 🔥


1) Cometa Camping Tent is an upgraded version based on the blueprint of Outback Retreat Tent

The fabric is changed to 40D Silnylon, Made of Nylon and Silicone,

This time the waterproof pressure of the tent has been upgraded to 3000mm

While retaining the lightweight and

The function of Silicone waterproof coating!


2) The overall size of the tent is larger and looser than the Outback Retreat Tent,

The design is also changed to a tunnel porch camp Set Up, supported by a pair of camp poles, which is more solid and beautiful when erected.

The door can be supported and extended into a vestibule to increase the display space and enrich the camping experience✨


3) The new design is changed from an internal and external integrated battalion to Double-layer inner and outer tent

even while sleeping

Close the inner tent door and at the same time Build the lobby!

The outer tent can also be used as a Shelter alone,

Use it with a camp bed!  


4) Inner account two door design , can be accessed through the front door and side door, very convenient and breathable!

There are also two mesh pockets on both sides and the camp lamp hanging position in the camp, which is convenient for campers to store personal items.



1. Do not start a fire inside or under the tent.

2. Before setting, check that the ground is level, sharp objects can damage or pierce the tent.

3. To extend the shelf life, please dry the tent after using it in the rain, and store the tent in a cool, dry place.Do not use in extreme weather conditions and environments.


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【Product information】

OneTigris Cometa Camping Tent Tunnel cabin for two

Dimensions: 4.2m(L) x 2.15m(W) x 1.3m(H)

Storage size: 50 x 20 x 20 cm

Waterproof coefficient: 3000mm

Weight: 4kg

Color: Black


外帳 - 40D Ripstop Nylon withsingle-layer silicone coating

Inner Tent - 40D Nylon

Barracks - 7001 Aluminum Alloy

Zipper - YKK ® snag-free double zipper

made in China

Comes with 1 tent (inner tent+outer tent+aluminum alloy frame), 1 pair of support rods (not including front hall rod), 6 wind ropes, 14 camp nails, storage bag