OneTigris Bulwark Rain Fly Camping Canopy

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【product description】

The sand-colored canopy is super spacious, with a size of 3 meters x 4 meters, which can accommodate 4-6 people; except for the anti-UV coating, it is easy to withstand direct sunlight; it has a waterproof pressure of up to 3000mm, which can effectively block rainstorms. Even if it rains heavily, don't wash it and get wet 😛


    • canopy
    • Camp Nail x 6
    • 4m camp rope x 4
    • storage bag

*There is a slight color difference between this product picture and the actual product, the actual color is darker

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【Product information】

Tabernacle size: 2.9 m × 3.9 cm

Storage size: 30 cm x 10 cm

Material: 30D  Waterproof Coated Nylon Fabric

Water pressure resistance: PU 3000 MM+

Wind rope length: 4m

Total weight: 1.08kg

made in China