Nemo Switchback™ Ultralight Regular Sleeping Mat Lightweight Egg Mat

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【product description】

Nemo Switchback™ Ultralight Regular Sleeping Mat
A must-have egg pad for campers/UL people, this model is thicker and more comfortable than ordinary egg pads. If you also want a lightweight and comfortable camping experience, this egg pad is just right for you🥚

▪️Provide greater thickness and more comfortable support

▪️Switchback™ features hexagonal nodes molded from dual-density Axiotomic™ foam to create a Hypnoelastic™ zone that conforms to your body for the perfect balance of comfort and support

▪️Switchback™ utilizes a metallized thermal film layer to effectively reflect heat from the body, increasing 15% more heat-locking space and warmer than other egg pads

【Introduction to the short film】


【Product Information】


Weight: 415g

Storage size: 51 x 13 x 14cm

Climate: suitable for three seasons

R value: 2

Material: PE Foam

Thickness: 2.3cm

Insulation material: Closed-cell Foam & Low-Emissivity Film