Nemo Aurora Highrise™ 6P Camping Tent Family tent for six

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【product description】

Aurora Highrise™ is one of the large family tents launched by Nemo, offering a huge space to accommodate a volume of six people

    • The camp body is up to 190cm, the width can accommodate six sleeping mats, the sense of space is larger and more comfortable
    • Gatekeeper™ door clip design is easy to set up, making it easier to get in and out of the tent
    • There are multiple storage positions and ventilation spaces in the camp
    • Large side windows with mesh and integrated rain cover for better visibility and good air circulation
    • The Nightlight Pockets™ design projects the concentrated light of the headlamp into a uniform line of camp light


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【Product information】


Tent body:68D Polyester/ No-See-Um Mesh

Camp base:150D PU Polyester (1500 mm)

outside account :68D PU Polyester (1200 mm)

Capacity: 6 people

Storage size:66 x 24 x 24 cm

的使用大:254 x 304.8 x 196cm

Storage weight:8.46kg

Minimum weight : 7.21kg

Front hall area:2.2 sq m + 2.2 sq m