Nanga x SUGU Aurora Winter Sandal Down Camping Sandals

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【product description】

NANGA Joint SUBU Cold-proof Down Camping Sandals

Nanga's original waterproof and breathable material Aurora-Tex,

In addition to waterproof can also be snow. Warm function, winter use more suitable.

The shoe lining is designed with fluff to highlight the heat preservation effect;

Strong insole four-layer structure with resilient and non-slip properties,

and easy to wear and take off, winter camping is more suitable, can also be used at home or office

Slippers are lightweight and durable, can even be thoroughly cleaned,

Equipped with storage bag, easy to carry.

Maintenance instructions:

  • Fill the bucket with warm water, dilute the neutral detergent, and wash by hand.
  • Remove dirt with a soft brush.
  • After removing the dirt, dry thoroughly in a cool place.
  • Wet storage may cause discoloration or mold.
  • Please avoid using the washing machine for cleaning.


【Product information】

Material: Aurora-tex®

Sole: Synthetic rubber


M.Grey (2023 NEW COLOR) Black Khaki | Coyote


0(22.0 ~ 23.5 cm) | 1 (24 ~ 25.5 cm) | 2 (26.0 ~ 27.5 cm) | 3 (28 ~ 29.5 cm)