Nanga x Hong Kong Dark Souls Edition UDD 280DX Lightweight Down Sleeping Bag

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【product description】

Nanga 2022 autumn and winter will take Nanga Hong Kong together to create a black soul Nanga sleeping bag exclusively for Hong Kong people🖤

At the same time, Nanga also announced that the UDD 280DX will be discontinued.

UDD 280DX with temperature suitable for use in Hong Kong will be out of print in the market,

This time, everyone can seize the opportunity to buy the last edition of Nanga x Hong Kong Special Edition Black Soul Sleeping Bag✨


The Nanga sleeping bag is made of high-quality white duck down, which is treated with "UDD Ultra Water Repellent"

Down has a fill level of 770fp and is extremely warm

The fabric is made of 15dn wear-resistant nylon material with water repellent processing

Down stays dry when wet, without reducing warmth due to humidity

The compression ratio of the sleeping bag is higher than that of a typical sleeping bag, allowing you to carry a lightweight and warm sleeping bag when camping.

After compression, it is only the size of a bottle of Pocari and weighs about 550g

Using three-dimensional 3D car cutting and manufacturing to enhance the sense of space and thermal insulation

There is a rope on the neck, which can avoid the wind and keep warm  

The foot of the sleeping bag is trapezoidal design, there is enough space to not top the toes

NANGA x YKK special zipper is not easy

Destroyed so that it can be easily found at night

All Japanese hand processing manufacturing


Now buy Nanga x Hong Kong Black Soul Special Edition UDD 280DX Lightweight Down Sleeping Bag and get a storage mesh bag

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【Product information】


    • High quality European white duck down (90%), processed with "UDD super water repellent" 
    • Feather (10%)
  • Water repellent processing 15dn wear-resistant nylon material

Down expansion: 770FP

Feather weight: 280g

Expand Size: 210  x 80cm (suitable for height 180cm)

Storage size: φ13 × 20cm

Weight: 550g

Comfortable temperature: 8 degrees |  Minimum temperature: 4 degrees |  Extreme temperature: -10 degrees

Product content: sleeping bag, storage bag, storage mesh bag

Color: Hong Kong Special Edition (Black)

Origin: Japan