Nanga Aurora Sacoche Water-repellent Crossbody Bag

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【product description】

One of Nanga's most popular peripheral products-Nanga Aurora Sacoche water repellent messenger bag

Use of splash-resistant Aurora-tex®Made with water-repellent zipperSacoche carry-on packet

Internal compartment design for clear personal belongings

The front is equipped with two Daisy Chain items that can be simply used for personal use

The shoulder strap adjustment buckle can easily adjust the length of the back

Rotating rings on both sides of the bag can hang the Sacoche outside of other backpacks

Can be used as chest bag or accessory storage bag

Nanga Aurora-tex®Patented waterproof breathable fabric,

Water resistance factor up to 20,000mm, while moisture permeabilityThe coefficient is 6,000g/m2/24hrs,

Improve weather resistance and temperature insulation, and will not affect warmth due to wet and icy surface cloth.

Note: This style has not been processed with stickers, so it is not completely waterproof,

Avoid underwater activities or prolonged exposure to rain.


【Product Information】

Fabric: Aurora-tex®|100% Polyester

Use size: W 30cm x H 20cm x D4cm